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Humans have an innate attraction towards flying and moving in the air. We have accomplished major feats in transportation and made grand inventions in attempts to cater to our fascination with things that can move off the ground. Hoverboards are just the latest addition to that list.

Not too long ago, hoverboards had only been products of science fiction. But, you must have seen your favorite celebrity bragging about their latest hoverboard on social media or seen some of the street kids speeding around on their cool two-wheeled machines.Hoverboards made their first appeared in science fiction novels and movies before they made their way to the shelves of toy stores. Now, when they have advanced into the human world, they are available in a wide range of variety.

This puts people in a quandary as they are met with numerous choices when looking for a hoverboard and everybody wants nothing but the best, most reasonable hoverboard for themselves. Well, worry no more! After thorough research, we have put together a comprehensive review of the 10 best hoverboards available in the market.

But before we delve into the specific details of each one of the hoverboards, let’s have a summary of our roundup.

Hoverboard Top Speed/mph Range/miles Bluetooth Speakers Battery Life/miles of usage Amazon Link
Swagtron T1 8 7-12 No 7-12 Click Here
Segway miniPRO 10 14 No 14 Click Here
MegaWheelsHoverboard 7.5 7.5 No 10 Click Here
Razor Hovertrax 2.0 8 12 No 10-15 Click Here
TomolooHoverboard 10 12 Yes 12 Click Here
Skque X1 7.45 12.4 Yes 12 Click Here
HoverheartHoverboard 8-10 12.4 Yes 12-15 Click Here
EPIKGO Self-Balancing Scooter 7.45 10 No 10-12 Click Here
SagaPlay F1 10 9 No 12 Click Here
VeekoHoverboard 6 12 No 12 Click Here

If you go hoverboard shopping online or in a retail shop unequipped with any prior knowledge of hoverboard brands, specs, features, and recent incidents, there are chances you will be conned. Mark our words! The hoverboard market is a vast arena full of good and bad products and it is unwise to enter unprepared.

This summary of the roundup must have given you some idea of how saturated the hoverboards market is, each one offering something new and better than the last one. But, like any other market, you will come across various knock-offs as well which won’t be worth the money and can also be potentially harmful. This is exactly why this list has been compiled for you, to help you compare the features and performance of the top 10 hoverboards available in the market. To make our list useful to just about everyone, we have tried to review the best as well as the cheapest hoverboards available in the market.

The latest, most expensive hoverboard may be considered the best option in the market. But, as any experienced buyer would tell you, what’s really important is finding that one product which offers you the most advanced features in a given budget. This is how we hope to help you with this roundup.

So, read on the hoverboard reviews below and make an informed decision about which is the best hoverboard for you!

1. SWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard – The Safest of ‘Em All

The Swagtron T1 is the first UL 2272 certified Hoverboard to have come out on the market. The need for UL 2272 certification arose after some chinese-made hoverboards started catching fire.

However, the quality and safety of Swagtron T1 has been approved by UL Standards. After being inspected for performance and construction quality, Swagtron T1 undergoes mechanical, electrical, and environmental tests, as per UL Standards. This ensures that only the best, safest, and most durable components are used in the making of this amazing hoverboard which will not cause any damage even when it is overcharged or hit hard.

Capable of carrying a weight of around 220 lbs., the Swagtron T1 is smartest-looking, most solid brand new hoverboard in the market. It can travel with the speed of 8 mph – 12 mph and on an incline of 30 degrees. Its top-notch Lithium battery with Sentry Shield takes up to 1 hour to charge fully, preferably at 100-240 Volts.

Swagway integrated two brand new safety technologies in their best hoverboard to come on board so far! The Safe Stop Technology minimizes the risk of falling off the hoverboard because of its battery dying out. When the battery is sufficiently low, this technology makes the hoverboard beep with a warning signal and also limits the top speed of the hoverboard. This feature prevents the hoverboard from making a jerky stop and keeps you from falling face-forward. SentryShield, the second safety technology, ensures that the high-quality Lithium batteries do not catch fire upon overheating. This is guaranteed by covering the Lithium batteries in Swagtron T1 in an aluminum casing.

Swagtron T1 is a smooth ride and truly versatile in terms of responsiveness, top speed, and turning speed. The gear stabilization enables tighter control and downhill tractionof the hoverboard. Also, it offers two-riding modes, Learning and Standard. The Learning mode controls the top-speed until you are ready. It is one well-built, powerful hoverboard with accurate gyroscopes that pick up and respond to the slightest of movements.

What add to the creative design of this motorized scooter are LED headlights and battery indicators. The hard ABS casing makes it super durable, even more so when paired with the silicon wheel arch protectors that come with the hoverboard.

The Swagtron T1 delivery box contains the hoverboard itself, a charging cord, an instruction manual, and two silicone wheel arch protectors.

Swagway has been a pioneer of the most advanced hoverboard technology. Safe to say, Swagtron T1 has upheld all the expectations from Swagway in terms of quality, safety, and exquisite design and still qualified as the most affordable hoverboard on our list.

It is truly very technologically advanced and beautifully crafted for a cheap hoverboard as Swagtron T1 is. You will be nothing short of amazed at its responsiveness and the integration of top notch safety technologies.

Pros Cons
UCL certified LED headlights are at the back
Great speed and range per charge Rides better in the right orientation only
Two-riding modes: Learning and Standard Cannot go over big bumps and densely grassy land
One year warranty  
Battery indicators  
Sentry Shield battery  
Safe Stop technology  
Versatile design  
Highly durable  


2. Segway mini PRO – The SUV of Hoverboards

Although it is categorized as a hoverboard, Segway miniPRO can rightly be called a direct descendant of the Segway PT, the original revolution.It is called the SUV of hoverboards because of the distinctive steering bar and its UL 2272 certification.

21.5-inch wide and 20-inch high, Segway miniPRO is slightly larger than the sleek, modern hoverboards coming out in the market.Its highlydurable aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame can withstand even the worse of weather conditions.

Segway miniPRO is aided with a Ninebot app that needs to be installed on your Apple or Android device and paired via Bluetooth with the hoverboard. The app shows you seven screens of precautionary measures and warns you against unsafe riding.

The Ninebot app is truly amazing in its capacity to let riders see in real time their speed, battery life, direction, Segway miniPRO’s temperature, and safety precautions. The app can also be used to lock the hoverboard and drive the Segway riderless, through a super responsive joystick.

Even after you have read through the instructions, you can travel at the maximum speed of 4.3 mph for the first kilometer. However, after the first kilometer, the Segway miniPRO has a top speed of 10 mph and a range of 14 miles, still the fastest hoverboard on our list!

The wheeled platform comes separate from the steering bar. The steering bar can be fitted onto the main frame and its height adjusted to the same level as your knees. The pneumatic air-filled tires are capable of military-grade shock absorption and can be driven over small hills and bumps.

Along with the power button are many tiny light indicators, indicating battery level, Bluetooth connection, lock, and if you are going too fast. Some of these light indicators can also be customized by the Ninebot app which offers features like, anti-theft alarm, vehicle diagnostics, and firmware updates.

The riding platform, though higher off the ground than most hoverboards, is fairly easy and comfortable to ride. You step on one side of the platform, wait for a beep, and then put on your second foot. The steering bar includes a pair of cushioned knee pads that fit right between the inside of your knees. The bar and pads together provide excellent steering and stability. Segway miniPRO is steered not by the feet but by the knees.

Segway miniPRO guarantees a smooth and responsive ride. With safety technologies that slow down the hoverboard itself when it crosses the top speed limit and beeping warnings, there’s hardly any chance of you toppling over this beautifully crafted hoverboard.

Pros Cons
UL 2272 certified hoverboard Expensive
Light indicators for various warnings Braking takes quite long when hoverboard is being operated via Bluetooth
Highly responsive and comfortable steering bar The hyperactive hoverboard can move slightly on its own even when resting on a flat surface and not being controlled
Control and customization of the hoverboard via the Ninebot app  
Incorporation of safety technologies  
Road adaptive  
Durable and well-crafted  


3. MegaWheels Self Balancing Scooter – Perfect for Cruising on Inclined Surfaces

Mega Wheels have always been known to deliver quality. You can expect nothing less from their Self Balancing Two Wheel Scooter.

The self-balancing transporter passes for UL 2272 certification so it stands little to no risk of catching fire or leaking battery fluid. The batteries and charger are protected against overcharging, fires, and explosions.

Under the hood, the powerful hoverboard carries dual 250 W motors and a solid body which has undergone numerous tests of strength and durability. The body of the hoverboard is considerably anti-impact and contains non-slip pedals and tires. As far as the looks go, they are basic but refined. It also features some light indicators for battery and speed and a set of keys which control the locks on the hoverboard. These keys come with the hoverboard package along with a charger.

The Mega Wheels hoverboard has a top speed of 7 mph, not particularly impressive with regard to its powerful batteries. However, it can ride smoothly over inclines of up to 25 degrees. With three hours of battery life and top speed of 7 mph, surprisingly, it has a range of only less than 10 miles. The hoverboard, weighing 26 pounds, can bear a maximum load of 110 kg which makes it suitable for young children as well as adults.

Undoubtedly, the hoverboard offers a firm grip, remarkable agility, and a jerk-free ride. It doesn’t slow down off its own accord or struggles with inclines along the way.

Pros Cons
Largely economical hoverboard No Bluetooth speakers
Comfortable on inclined and rough surfaces Not water-proof
Safe and sound in quality Slow for its battery capacity
Solid built Limited range


4. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard – A Smart Self-Balancing Scooter

Because Razor has been in the scooter market for such a long time, Hovertrax 2.0 has many expectations to stand up to; most of which it rightly fulfills.

Like all other hoverboards on the market, Hovertrax 2.0 has also passed the UL 2272 certification standards. This means that the battery has gone through strict testing before the product is delivered to the customers and is safe from the risks of catching fires and explosions.

Also, its shatter-resistant polymer frame and anti-slip rubber foot platforms are capable of enduring harsh conditions and rough usage for a very long time
The whisper-quiet 350-Watt dual hub batteriestake up to 2 hours to fully charge and then offer a range of 12 miles for 60 minutes of continuous riding. It can easily go over an incline of 15 degrees and the use of EverBalance technology ensures a steady and easy ride.

The smart balance hoverboard is capable of auto-level and remains well-balanced even when you are racing at its top speed of 8 mph. Like most hoverboards, it can carry a weight of 220 pounds.

Apart from the EverBalance technology and an intelligently-engineered self-balancing experience, the cool design is what makes this personal hovercraft so unique and smart.

The inclusion of LED light bar along the tires, fender bumpers, and LED battery life indicator give the hoverboard an unmatched, exquisite, state-of-the-art look.

Pros Cons
Safe and UL 2272 certified No Bluetooth integrated
Smooth and excellently balanced riding with the EverBalance technology Does not deal with rough surfaces very well
Solid body with fender bumpers for further protection of the hoverboard  
Exquisite design  


5. TOMOLOO Hoverboard – Truly a Beginner Friendly Hoverboard

Tomoloo is a relatively new comer in the hoverboard market but have gained a lot of traction because of their advanced hoverboards and quality deliverance. However, one confusion surrounding Tomoloohoverboards is that they have a range of different models but no specific names for any one of them.

This Tomoloohoverboard is amazing for such a cheap self-balancing scooter. Weighing 23 pounds, it is primarily built for children but is capable of carrying a load of up to 260 lbs. The wheels are powered by a 300 Watt motor hooded in dual motherboards. The batteries can take 2 to 3 hours to fully charge. As a holder of UL 2272 certification, the batteries are perfectly safe.

The hoverboard has a top speed limit of 10 mph and a good range of 12 miles. The dual motherboards do a fine job keeping the hoverboard stable and firmly grounded. However, there are some limitations to the turning circle which is as responsive as one might expect.

The hoverboard has built-in Bluetooth speakers with a nice and loud sound. The LED lights on the wheel and the LED battery indicators are also a flashy addition to the overall smart design.

Some of the features of the hoverboard are controlled via an app, available on iOS and Android devices. The app helps you switch between the rider modes and three different settings pertaining to slow, normal, and high speeds.

The foot panels on this hoverboard are conveniently wide and sturdy but the motherboards are just 0.8 inches off the floor. This ensures greater stability but also means that you may be pestered by small rocks and twigs while you’re riding. But, the performance is fairly effortless on smooth pavements and indoors.

Tomoloo has produced an exceptionally durable hoverboard with nothing but the latest of hoverboard technologies; however, some customers are known to have complained about annoying vibration in the hoverboard in the ‘Slow’ mode.

Pros Cons
Decent price The outer body is made with average-quality plastic which scratches and dents easily
Internal parts are made with quality materials Low-lying stepping platform
Bluetooth integration and an aiding app Limitations to the turning circle
Nice and loud Bluetooth speakers  
Crafty design  


6. Skque X1/I Series Hoverboard – State of the Art Over and Under the Hood!

Skque is doing a great job integrating state-of-the-art technology and excellent material in their line of self-balancing transporters. The X1 series has produced some of the most advanced hoverboards in terms of safety, style, and performance.

The UL 2272 certification, which has become a must for all hoverboards in the market, is an instant plus point for Skque X1 hoverboard. With UL Standard testing, the risk of accidents, caused by overheating of the battery, has been minimized.

The X1 series comprises of the smartest hoverboards 2017 has seen. They come in three sizes, 6.5 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches.

The batteries in Skque X1 take 1 to 2 hours to charge to their full capacity; upon which, they can travel up to 20 km! With dual motors rated at 350 Watts each, it is undoubtedly the most powerful two wheel hoverboard on the market. These motors are fixed within the wheels of the gadget and can be governed easily with the feet. Also, its zero turning radius allows you to turn the hoverboard 360 degrees even when you are standing at one spot.

Gyro sensors fitted in the motherboard ensure a smooth and fun ride. All of this delicate machinery are encased in a sturdy shell and an improved chassis making it the most durable hoverboard for sale.

The X1 hoverboards can carry a weight of up to 264 lbs and travel up to the speed of 7.5 mph, making it an ideal personal transporter for people of all ages and body types.

It is made extra cool and desirable by the built-in Bluetooth speakers and smartly placed LED lights. The speakers provide for extra entertainment in form of music as you cruise on your hoverboard while the LED lights make the hoverboard look like it is straight out of a science fiction movie. Also, LED lights serve safety purposes while riding the hoverboard at night.

This Bluetooth hoverboard, if nothing else, will definitely make you stand out as you cruise along the road with air in your hair and a classy hoverboard under your feet.

Pros Cons
Comes in three sizes LED lights placed only at the front, none at the back
Safe and durable Not the cheapest in the market
Zero turning radius Slow for a total of 700 Watt output
Powered by heavy-duty motors  
Bluetooth speakers  


7. HoverheartHoverboard – So Totally LIT!

Hoverhearthoverboard brings far more to the table than other hoverboards pertaining to the same price range. It met with a lot of enthusiasm and hype when it first came out and still delivers the same quality and performance it promises for a very reasonable price.

This hoverboard covered and passed all tests before earning full UL 2272 certification. So, rest assured, when it comes to battery, you are in safe hands. The 6.5 inches wheels are covered with tires made of solid, sturdy rubber so there are very little chances of puncture, even on rough surfaces.

Its dual 200 Watt motors deliver ample power to the wheels and work in perfect harmony with the wheels, ensuring speed and stability. The hoverboard can take 3 hours tops to charge. Once fully charged, the rider can enjoy hovering at the swooping speed of 10 mph for a range of 12 km. The maximum weight limit of the self-balancing transporter is 220 lbs.

The hoverboard’s stability and responsiveness are truly remarkable, offering the same smooth ride on grass, hard dirt, slightly rocky surfaces, and inclines.

It has the added attraction of loud, high-quality Bluetooth speakers for you to enjoy your music along the way. The chrome finishing and LED lights, nicely arranged around the top curvature of the wheel, give the hoverboard a flashy, sci-fi outlook.

Pros Cons
Good battery life, speed, and range Chrome finishing scratches off easily
Exquisite flashy design No water proofing
Bluetooth speakers  


8. EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter – A Heavy-Duty Beauty

Despite being a new comer to the self-balancing personal transporter market, Epikgo has produced hoverboards that compete with the high-ends electric scooters on equal footing. This is owed to the quality, durability, safety, and robust designs of their products.

The first thing you notice about this hoverboard is its raggedy, hipster design which also serves other essential functions. It is exclusive in adding wheel covers made out of indestructible aluminum. The wheels themselves are covered with thick rubber tires, 8.5 inches thick; they rarely stand a chance of puncture on any type of terrain. Another plus point is the IP56 certification which guarantees the hoverboard’s water-resistant and semi-submersible features.

The UL 2272 certified battery is fool proofed for catching fires or any other damage done due to overheating. When fully charged, which may take up to 2 hours, the hoverboard can travel a standard distance of 12 miles. Although it has a climbing ability of only 18 degrees, it offers smooth riding over small bumps and crevices even at accelerated speeds.

It has built-in Bluetooth speakers for you to enjoy music as you ride through the streets. Also, the inclusion of bright LED lights at the front and the back is a proficient feature which makes the rider easily visible to other traffic at night.

However, one thing we do find missing in this all-rounder of a hoverboard is the presence of battery indicator LED lights. It’s a real bummer that could have been easily considered and incorporated for all the more user convenience.

Pros Cons
Sturdily built Some stability issues at the start owing to large wheels and a higher placed center of gravity
A unique, modern design  
Offers great speed and range  
Powerful motors and good balance  
Can take up the challenges of just about any terrain  


9. SagaPlay F1 Self Balancing Scooter – A Premium Hoverboard for Kids

SagaPlay makes it a point to provide only the top standard hoverboards for adults and kids. This means that there are no compromises made on the safety technologies, durability, and smooth ride of the hoverboard.

From the look of it, it doesn’t look any different than most advanced hoverboards on the market. But there is more to SagaPlay F1 than its deep foot bed and independently rotating wheels.

It is relatively small than other two wheel hoverboards with the load capacity of 220 pounds. The wide, deep platform has two highly responsive and motion-sensitive foot pads that are coated with non-slip, corrugated rubber. This ensures that the rider has a firm grip over his/her footing while riding the hoverboard.

Like any hoverboard, motion and movement of the personal hovercraft is managed by body weight and the latest dynamic equilibrium technology using top-notch gyroscopes.

SagaPlay F1 has twin motors rated at 250 W each. The batteries within these motors are UL 2272 certified and perfectly safe from the risk of burning up or exploding. On one full charge, it travels for 9 miles and can climb inclines of up to 15 degrees. Recharging the batteries takes only two hours if the included charger is used.

Non-slip pedals, solid rubber tires, and its IP56 rating for water resistance means that works fairly well on all types of terrains and surfaces.

However, avoid riding it through a heavy downpour of deep puddles. Also, the rubber tires may disappoint you in the manner that you feel the texture and roughness of rocky terrains as you travel over them. This can be a slight discomfort.

Pros Cons
Solid construction Lack of Bluetooth speakers
Quality riding experience Water-resistant but not exactly water-proof
Sleek design  
Great agility  
Protected from scratches and dents  


10. VEEKO Hoverboard – Delivering a Ton of Value for the Money!

The Veekohoverboard ranks pretty close to its rivals in the market. In fact, most of them it crosses over for the excellent quality and premium features it provides for the same amount of money.

As far as the UL 2272 certified battery of the hoverboard goes, it is the safest it gets. With its powerful dual 250-Watt batteries, it can carry easily a weight of up to 225 pounds. The battery can take up to 3 hours to charge but then offers a good range of 12 milesfrom a single charge. The 10 minutes auto-shut is an interesting feature of the hoverboard which allows for extended use life of each charge.

6 mph top speed may not be the fastest offered by comparable hoverboards. However, the Veekohoverboard can deal with inclined surfaces of up to 15 degrees. The hoverboard consists of top-notch gyroscopes, acceleration sensors, and servo-control system. All of these together ensure stability and reliable balancing of the hoverboard in motion.

The aluminum alloy rims offer a second layer of protection for the shock-absorbent, non-skid tires. This ensures that the hoverboard remains unharmed by rocky terrains and rough usage.

If you weigh 200 pounds or more, you may be a little anxious and uncomfortable riding a hoverboard as low priced as Veekohoverboard. But, rest assured, this one has got your back! This is Veeko’s real hoverboard bearing the flag of quality and durability and will let nothing get in the way of your fun.

Pros Cons
Auto shut-off feature No Bluetooth speaker
Durable build Not waterproof
Long-lasting charge  
Substantial range and speed  


Best Three Hoverboards

It’s true! Hoverboards have been in some bad light in the past; they explode, they catch fire or they simply go too fast, sometimes all at once. Despite the bad press, we have tried to bring you the best, safest, and most economical hoverboards in the market. And among these, the following remain our top three choices:

1. Swagtron T1 – with safety technologies like Safe Stop and SentryShield, who wouldn’t put Swagtron T1 in their top three?! It rides like a dream even on rocky and grassy terrains and has an unmatched responsiveness when it comes to balancing and turning. On top of all of this, the outer body of T1 is nothing flashy or gaudy but definitely strong and well-designed. Also, it is the cheapest hoverboard offering the most advanced features.

2. TomolooHoverboard – if you’re looking to go far and wide and have a need for speed, then Tomoloo has the perfect thing for you! This is definitely the cheapest hoverboard in the market with a range of 12 miles and a top speed of 10 mph. To put cherry on top, it has built-in Bluetooth speakers, an assisting app, and an exquisite design.

3. Segway miniPro – this particular hoverboard has an edge over other because of its manufacturers and, of course, the steering bar. It stands out among others because of sturdy build and classic steering bar which makes it easier to ride and maneuver, not to mention the highly efficient mobile app which lets you manage a variety of controls from the palm of your hand. Segway miniPROmay not be so easy on the pocket but it does a great deal more than other hoverboards, in terms of features and performance.

Hoverboard Buyer’s Guide

Hoverboards are the latest hype but we do understand that some of our readers are going to make their first hoverboard purchase right after going through this round up. For those of you, who have never bought or rode a hoverboard before, we have included a brief, yet accurate hoverboard buyer’s guide in the form of questions and answers below.

1. How does a hoverboard work?

If you are still assuming that hoverboards will let you ‘hover’ half-suspended in air, then we are sorry to break your bubble but this is not how hoverboards work. What we call hoverboards are basically self-balancing, two-wheeled, motorized, smart scooters that are the latest and most intriguing technology in personal transportation.

The rider stands right next to the two wheels on the hoverboard with his/her legs apart. Fortunately for us, we are living in a time in which we can rely on state-of-the-art sensors and gyroscopes for automatically balancing the hoverboard. All you have to do is lean slightly forward or backward to increase and decrease the speed, respectively, with which you are riding. Leaning forwards and backwards also controls your direction of motion. Turning occurs when you press one of your feet forward and the other backward.

2. How safe is the hoverboard I’m buying?

Hoverboards, in the past, have been infamous for catching fires and exploding because of faulty or low-quality lithium-ion batteries. However, the issue was attended to immediately with all potentially harmful hoverboards pulled out from the market and manufacturing process.

Most hoverboards available today are UL 2272 certified. This certification puts the hoverboard and its batteries through multiple tests of strength and quality and only then allows it to make it to the shelves of stores.

So, make sure to check for the UL 2272 certification tag when purchasing your hoverboard and you’re good to go.

3. Who is the hoverboard for?

Let’s get one thing out of the way; hoverboards are not toys for kids. No matter how cool and persistent a trend they may become among kids, they are usually recommended for ages 12 and above. Most hoverboards can travel between as fast as 10 or 15 mph which is an unsafe speed for kids to be riding at.

For that matter, hoverboards are not meant for anyone with poor balance and self-control, which also means the elderly.

Most hoverboards are made to bear the weight of up to 220 lbs. and still function at their top speeds. However, 200 lbs. is found to be the maximum weight at which hoverboards perform their best in terms of speed and balance.

4. How to gauge the build quality of the hoverboard?

If you’re ordering online, it may be difficult to get an idea of the build quality but it does play an integral part in determining how durable and efficient the hoverboard is.
Read online customer reviews and check the product rating. You will find very easily complaints about scratching or scraping off of the outer finish, batteries that die out unprecedented, etc. Preferably, always research certain model and read customer reviews on it before making the purchase.

5. What is the optimum charge time for a hoverboard?

Yes! The batteries in the hoverboard are pretty much everything. They determine the top speed of your ride, the range it can travel through, and the weight the hoverboard can carry. With so much relying on the batteries, it is only fair if hoverboards take up to 2-3 hours to charge fully.

6. What is the optimum speed and range of a hoverboard?

As discussed earlier, the speed and range of a hoverboard depends on how powerful the batteries fitted inside the hoverboard are. Most hoverboards range between slow speed of 2 mph to top speed of 10 mph, some even 12 mph!

Range, on the other hand, is slightly trickier to determine because it involves factors like, incline, terrain, weight of the rider, etc. Most hoverboards can travel 10-15 miles and for up to 2 hours non-stop.

Hoverboards are made primarily to be used on flat surfaces; however, most of them can tackle an incline of 5-10 degrees.

7. What is the optimum weight for a hoverboard?

You will find out that you may have to carry around your hoverboard and its charger more than you expected. And for this purpose, it is wise to get yourself a hoverboard which is portable and light-weight.

Even the lightest weighing hoverboard can weigh up to 20 pounds, owing to its powerful batteries and strong, durable outer body.

8. Where can I ride the hoverboard?

As fun and exhilarating your hoverboard ride may seem to you, there are chances that it pesters others around you, especially if you’re an unskilled rider.

You cannot ride a hands-free scooter on the pavements as per laws of the United Kingdom. New York City puts a restriction on hoverboards that can go up to the top speed of 15 mph (and not many can).

However, you may be stopped from riding your hoverboard within the vicinity of schools and some individual malls, owing to the safety of other people in that public space.


There is no doubt that since their first appearance in 2015, hoverboards have been on every teenager and young adults’ list of thing to have. They are considered the coolest, latest hipster trend among young people and are also extremely fun to ride.

The craze around them died down a little with instances of chinese-made hoverboards catching fire and then being banned for some time. However, it has been catered to by UL 2272 Standard testing and now there is nothing stopping hoverboards from taking over the world.

With so much traction and hype around a product, its production and features are bound to take a surge. The same has happened with hoverboards, making it very overwhelming to buy the best electric hoverboard.

Whatever you choose, remember that your safety comes before any trend and fun that you might expect from life. Never go for a hoverboard that has not qualified for UL 2272 certification. And before taking on to the streets and public spaces, make sure you are capable and confident of riding the gadget unsupervised. Even then, do not forget to wear safety gear, such as helmets and knee pads.

Before committing to a hefty amount for a hoverboard, make sure that there is a local office or warehouse for the hoverboard you are planning to buy. Soon enough, you would feel the need to buy spare parts or accessories for your hover craft; after all, these are only machines and very much prone to wear and tear. There is almost always a need for after-sale service for hoverboards.

We hope our list helped you shortlist and choose that one hoverboard most suited to your needs and budget.

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