About Us

Many times, every day we have to make decisions. Some decisions are as mundane as which shirt to wear and sometimes as important as a taking or declining a new job offer. Many small decisions we make on our own but on some decisions we do prefer to have an independent opinion.

Faced with the decision to eat a lunch in new city or to find a nice place to throw a birthday bash we turn to google for restaurant reviews. Reviews and independent opinions offer us assurance of making a well concerned decision about small and big matters we do not want we do not want to regret.

We have started Buzz Brains with a view to present before you well researched and independent opinions on matters of concern to you. We present unbiased views, reviews and opinions based on interviews with subject matter experts, product testing and user surveys. We follow a well structured approach in our research to bring you most unbiased and honest view on any matter we write about.

As most important decisions are about finance, health and product purchase we prefer to focus on the areas where your finance and health is at stake. We want you to make best decisions based on data and not on emotions. We will never claim to be right always but on our part we try to be as honest and unbiased as is possible.